Create a table

Now we can start playing with schema management!

Let's create a fictious airline, and start to build a database schema for them.

We need a table that will hold all reservations. The table should look like this:

// pic

Ordinarilly, this table could be created with a command like:

CREATE TABLE reservation
    id char(8) not null primary key,
    created_at timestamp not null,
    first_name varchar(40),
    last_name varchar(40),
    flight_number char(4),
    flight_date timestamp not null

Instead, let's define it in SchemaHero. Create a file called reservation.yaml and paste the following into it:

kind: Table
  name: reservation
  database: schemahero-tutorial
  name: reservation
      primaryKey: [id]
        - name: id
          type: char(8)
        - name: created_at
          type: timestamp
            notNull: true
        - name: first_name
          type: varchar(40)
        - name: last_name
          type: varchar(40)
        - name: flight_number
          type: char(4)
        - name: flight_date
          type: timestamp
            notNull: true

After saving this, kubectl apply it.

After a second or two, the “reservation” table should be created in the database. If you are connected using psql, try \dt and it should show this table.