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New Features

  • Add support for managing Cassandra schemas (#277)
  • Add support for passing kubectl flags in the SchemaHero CLI (#281)
  • Add support for all kubectl auth providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, etc) (#286)
  • Add support for managing Postgresql Triggers (#288)
  • Add alpha support for SQLite3 databases (#292)
  • Add support for Vault connectionTemplate (@pauldthomson) (#312, #344)
  • Add support for upgrading existing SchemaHero installations with the schemahero install command (#365)


  • Identify required fields in the CLI
  • The schemahero/schemahero image will now be pushed to DockerHub
  • Add linux/amd64 affinity to Database Controllers (#313, #344)
  • Update Kubernetes dependencies to latest
  • Removed support for extensions/v1beta1 (dropped since Kubernetes 1.16) (#365)


  • Honor the image flag passed to the shell command (@mdaniel) (#361)
  • Unify URI versus valuesFrom handling which handles error conditions and password characters better (@mdaniel) (#362)