Migrating To SchemaHero

If you have an existing database and want to try SchemaHero, it's possible to use SchemaHero to export your current database schema as SchemaHero resources.

To start, get the schemahero binary (or use the Docker container) and provide a connection string to your database:

$ schemahero generate \
    --driver postgres \
    --uri postgres://user:[email protected]:5432/dbname \
    --dbname desired-schemahero-databasename \
    --output-dir ./imported


$ docker run -e uid=$UID -v `pwd`/imported:/out \
    schemahero/schemahero:alpha \
    generate \
    --driver postgres \
    --uri postgres://user:[email protected]:5432/db?sslmode=disable \
    --dbname desired-schemahero-name \
    --output-dir /out

This will create .yaml files (1 per table) that you can deploy to a cluster to recreate the schema.

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