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Next Steps

Now that we've seen the basics of SchemaHero, you are ready to take the next steps and start using SchemaHero to manage your database schema migrations.

SchemaHero has a lot of capabilities that weren't covered in this introductory tutorial, so we encourage you to read the docs and join the community.


The full documentation to SchemaHero is at A good next step is to head over and explore the docs for additional questions and use cases.

Migrating to SchemaHero

If you have an existing database that you'd like to start managing with SchemaHero, check out out migrating to SchemaHero doc to get started.


The SchemaHero community is in the #schemahero channel in Kubernetes Slack or active in the repo. Join us in Slack or open issues in the repo if you have questions.

Cleaning Up

To remove the tutorial resources from your Kubernetes cluster, you can simply delete the schemahero-tutorial namespace:

kubectl delete ns schemahero-tutorial

If you'd like to also remove SchemaHero from your cluster, read the uninstall docs.