Supported Databases

SchemaHero includes supoprts for popular open source and commercial database engines. In addition to the current support, there is planned support on the roadmap for other engines.

SchemaHero is not attempting to make a common interface of expressing all possible schemas across all possible databases. Instead, each database driver in SchemaHero is extended to support the specific requirements and capabilities of the database engine.

Each supported database is listed on the left, along with notes describing how to connect, which versions are supported, and any limitations or unsupported features.

This table is a list of all support currently in SchemaHero. Select a database on the left for more details.

Database Supported Versions
Postgresql 9.5 - 15.1
Mysql 5.6 - 8.0
Cockroachdb v19.2 - v22.1
Cassandra 3.x
SQLite 3.x